Writer + Angelino—Casually UPlifting conversation

Cozy journalism means nothing you read or listen to here will ever rain on your parade. The Writer + Angelino Podcast offers casually UPlifting conversation.


Expect nothing but uplifting conversations, inspiring themes, and often humorous perspectives on life in Los Angeles, a blog and twice weekly podcast featuring interesting stories from all walks of life—some so revealing that the tale-teller must remain anonymous.  You'll also hear stories from people who don't mind their name being out there, people that after hearing their tale you may want to know more about. If their stories—in whole or in part—are featured on the podcast, you'll find  a summary of why they were on the show, if they have a featured on more than one episode and a few more details about them under Featured Guests.

For each episode, you'll find show notes with background information on the show's topic, well-vetted links for further reading and short bios on each guest along with where you can find out more about what they've got going on.

If you've got something to say, or just want to give the show a thumb up, give it up in the comments section at the bottom of any episode or blog post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Your thoughtful comments are encouraged and appreciated. 

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Other tweets you'll see on the Writer + Angelino twitter timeline are calls for podcast guests. There is no such thing as a person without a story. As episodes and follow up episodes develop, we'll be looking for listeners to share their story in conjunction with the theme of the story. Why not you?

We're always crafting a good story and open to guests suggesting themselves. Visit the Suggest Yourself page and see what stories are developing behind the scenes. You might be just the person we've been looking for.