The Writer + Angelino Podcast ★ Episode 005: Missed Connections

Friends, would-be lovers, wishful, hopeful sisters and brothers have you ever met a stranger who you wanted to get to know but before you made your move, the moment was gone?

Have you ever taken out an ad in the personals to try to make that connection because you just couldn’t get that beautiful stranger out of your mind?

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The Writer + Angelino Podcast ★ Episode 004: Birthdays

Friends, lovers, my party-hat-wearing sisters and brothers. I’m looking for people with birthdays. That’s you, listener. I have questions. You have answers. And I want you to share them. With me. With all of us.

Professional magicians, strip-o-gram dancers, clowns I’m talking to you. If you perform at birthday parties, whether for children or adults, and you have an interesting story to share about a birthday party you worked, I’d love to hear from you!

If you'd like to share your birthday story, in your voice, on Writer + Angelino, leave me a message using the message box below. Want to share this as a link? Send them to



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The Writer + Angelino Podcast ★ Episode 003: Secrets & Lies

Friends, purveyors of thin (sometimes very thin) truths, I’m talking to you.

I’m doing a show about secrets and lies.

Be brave! You don’t have to be too brave, you can share anonymously. That’s right. Nobody will know it’s you. Not even me. (Okay, I’ll know...but I won't tell anyone.)

But consider this … It’ll feel good to get it off your chest. And we can all laugh about it, and cringe about it together and maybe, just maybe your courage will inspire you to feel better about the lies we all tell each other and sometimes recognize yet choose to "believe".

What’s the biggest lie you’ve told? Were you ever found out? Did you get flat busted in your lie?

Now, I know what you’re thinking -- Maxximillian, I’m not going to tell YOU the truth about my LIE -- Are you crazy?

Well, maybe a little bit.

To suggest yourself as a guest on this episode, send me a secret message using the magic box below and send it off via my invisible flying monkeys. Your secrets are safe with me. I'll keep your identity a secret if you're willing to share your story.

The Writer + Angelino Podcast ★ Episode 002: Supernatural

Friends, adventurers, brave hearts, I’m looking for stories of the supernatural. Your stories, to be more precise, your experiences.

Your own. Not your friend’s or your brothers, but those experiences that are uniquely your own on this wide ranging topic of the supernatural. Ghost stories, yes. But that’s not all. Tell me about the time you saw a UFO. Tell me about your superpower moment. Or the time you saw the mothman on your way home from the pub. I won’t think you’re weird, I promise. I have some supernatural stories of my own, which I’ll share right along with you. And so will many other people. You’re not alone.

For details on how to get your supernatural story, in your own voice on the show, send me a message using the magic wizard box that appears below the episode player.

Expect nothing but uplifting conversations, inspiring themes, and often humorous perspectives on life in Los Angeles—a blog and twice weekly podcast.

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The Writer + Angelino Podcast ★ Episode 001: Oktoberfest

Friends, I’m looking for stories of Oktoberfest.

If you’ve been to an Oktoberfest celebration anywhere in the world--especially if you have worked at one, performed at one, or perhaps you are an Oktoberfest aficionado, traveling the world to celebrate Oktoberfest in as many destinations as possible, or maybe you’ve been just one time, if you have a story you’d like to share about your Oktoberfest experience, I want to talk to you.

I’m also hoping to find listeners (maybe you) who are enjoying the pleasures of home-brewing--that’s making your own beer. Bring me your home-brewing questions, your home-brewing stories, your victorious solutions and I’ll share them on the podcast, along with helpful tips from a brew master for raising the bar on your brew and … solutions.

Visit for details on how to get your questions, stories and your voice - on the show.



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Maxximillian Dafoe is an American novelist, playwright and poet who hails from Los Angeles, California. She is the author of the Mollyville books, a genre-busting dystopian suspense series and Bedtime Stories for the Intellectually Adventurous, a series of standalone stories for adults which includes the title Afterlife, a paranormal satire illustrating the life and times of Jimmy Jennings, an almost-famous thirty-something who wakes up dead in Los Angeles to discover himself still wandering around L.A. trying to figure things out. Best known for her outrageous humor, new world organization concepts and unforgettable characters, she offers a fresh perspective on characters in our everyday lives. Ambitious desire for social acknowledgment, the rise of economic awareness, emotional transcendence, triumph and revenge are recurring themes.

Serialized fiction podcasts of both Afterlife the Mollyville series are free to listen to and to download via iTunes. Her latest short horror story Daughter and the Snake is available for download from Amazon, and can be enjoyed as an audiobook read by world-class narrator Dennis Kleinman.

These stories employ suggestive descriptions, dark humor and frank language. They are intended for a socially and emotionally mature audience.

Send your tweets to Maxximillian on Twitter, and follow Maxximillian on Pinterest for visuals to add to the stories she writes, Writer + Angelino show notes, and background on podcast guests--for a further peek, follow her on Instagram, Periscope and Snapchat.

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