If you tell someone about how you’re pursuing your dream, it’s not their place to point out any obstacles they perceive in your path. That’s not their work—because this is YOUR path. They’re not on it. They don’t know how high you can step. That impassible thing they think they can see, which they mistakenly think is going to be a challenge for you, might be something you can easily step around, or over…hell, you might even walk right through that shit.

Because what appear to be obstacles are often illusions.

And how dumb would it feel to stop what you’re doing and do something else because of an illusion that somebody else says they saw?

139When people tell you that you can’t do something or that it isn’t going to work, or that because “you aren’t famous” nobody cares about your dream—YES, someone actually said that to me last year—remember this:

THEY DON’T FUCKING KNOW YOU. They don’t know what you’re made of—or that you shit rainbows in your sleep.

So just do you. Ignore the—we will assume—well-meaning, misinformed, self-important people who try to advise us based on THEIR own abilities and resultant expectations. Eventually, they will come around to see things concerning us our way. There won’t be a choice really, living our lives fully and fulfilling our dreams in an obvious way is our life’s work—and when we are living this, it’s undeniable.

Smile and wave when you see them, but don’t stop to talk.

You have work to do.

Feel me?
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Maxximillian is a professional writer and published author who hails from Los Angeles, California. Daughter and the Snake, her latest short horror story, is available for download on amazon.com, but if you request one here, she’ll send you a free copy. 

“I choose to be amused, rather than offended by the ironic tragedies of human nature.  Follow me and I’ll show you the way.”